We host more Internet exchanges than any other network-neutral data centre provider in Kenya, partnering with over 20 exchange providers and offering more than 3,000 peering opportunities.

Internet Exchanges

The Internet is the sum of all the individual networks around the world that interconnect to allow their users to exchange information with each other. These networks transfer data in one of two ways:
  1. IP Transit: A network operator pays to use the network of another operator to exchange Internet traffic.
  2. Peering: Two network operators agree to exchange traffic with one another for free.
Internet exchanges are locations that allow network operators to peer with one another. They are nearly always located in carrier-neutral data centres, where network operators can securely colocate in immediate proximity to the exchange’s IT infrastructure.

Avoid IP Transit expenditure

Negotiate competitive IP Transit costs with any of the carriers hosted within our data centres

Improve the end user experience by routing traffic more directly than your existing network topology allows.

Maximize security by being located in a secure state of the art data centres.

Increase resilience by using multiple network providers

Access a large community of potential customers already located in our data centres

Internet Exchanges at Econet.

One of the most effective ways to minimize latency and cost is through peering - the direct exchange of IP traffic between two networks. You can peer by joining an Internet exchange.

When you collocate with us you can minimize networking costs, significantly reduce latency and improve application performance by using our portfolio of Cross Connects.
We provide a wide range of direct connectivity options (fibre, UTP/STP or coax) at competitive prices to meet your business needs.

Our engineers install and manage the connections which run through a centralised and secure Meet-Me Room. These enable our customers to do business with each other with minimal latency.

“My day is usually quite hectic. Before I used Taskraft I had to juggle all my various tasks in my mind throughout the day. Taskraft helped me get more organized, and now I simply get more done.”

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